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Tranquility Air Plus Bariatric Disposable Briefs

SKU TQ2195

Air Plus (100% breathable) Bariatric Briefs
 with maximum capacity and protection

Each section of the Tranquility Bariatric brief allows air to circulate next to your sensitive skin. The briefs have microscopic pores in both the stretchy side panels and the center core allowing perspiration to excape.

The Air Plus briefsare treated with Tranquility's Antimicrobial and Antifungal Protection known as TQ-A/P controls the growth of bacteria and fungi that causes odor and other negative effects.

Bariatric sized disposable briefs fits waist/hip sizes up to 106 inches

Unique side panels extend the waist/hip size of the Air Plus briefs up to 106 inches while conforming to your body's contours with firm support. The fuller, higher rise coverage in the front and rear of the briefs also provide a superior fit.

Benefits of the Air Plus Bariatric Brief

  •  - Micro-hook closure tabs enable repositioning, secure fastening after multiple openings
  •  - Peach Mat absorbent core controls odor
  •  - Peach Mat holds over a quart of fluid providing maximum protection
  •  - Kufguards® (inner leg cuffs) prevent urinary leakage and contain bowel waste
  •  - Dual wetness indicators turn from yellow to blue identifying presence of moisture
  •  - Elastic leg gathers provide a comfortable fit
  •  - Cloth like layer is gentle next to your sensistive skin
  •  - Latex Free!

Air Plus Bariatric Briefs packaged in a case of 32 briefs.

List Price $76.95
Your Price $66.98
You Save $9.97

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