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The J Clamp
The J Clamp

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The J Clamp

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Penis Clamps and Pouches

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Urine Guard Drip Collector fit over the head of your penis, catching drips, dribbles. Prevents wet/dark spots on your pants. Absorbent, disposable and affordable.
ActiCuf is both a disposable pouch and penile clamp for male incontinence. The penile clamp stops urine flow and the disposable pouch collects urine drips. Comfortable and discreet.
Bard Cunningham Incontinence Clamp is one of the original penis clamps. This easy to use device safely applies just the right amount of pressure to the urethra area near the bottom of the penis to stop uncontrollable urine flow.
The Manhood Absorbent Pouch is designed for light to moderate incontinence. They are soft, comfortable and not obvious when worn.