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Containment Swim Briefs
Containment Swim Briefs

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Containment Swim Briefs


Containment Swim Briefs for bowel incontinence for men or women

Containment Swim Briefs from Discovery Trekking Outfitters are made from a waterproof, stretchy,  lightweight, high tech fabric which is bonded to soft comfortable fleece.  The waterproof,  fabric was created using Polyurethane with added spandex for the stretch. Containment Swim Briefs are sometimes called Swim Diapers can be used by men or women.

Swim Briefs provide you with time - time to get out of the water and in to the restroom. 

Large Velcro panels attach to fit your body. The Velcro panels are opened for dressing and fastened snugly to your waist/hips for a good, waterproof fit. Removing the briefs is as simple as opening up the Velcro panels and pulling them apart.

Swim Briefs must fit snugly around your waist and legs

Swim Briefs can be machine washed in warm water with a mild detergent on gentle cycle. Drip drying is recommended.

Women sizes are by hip measurement, men's sizes are by waist measurement.

This product is non-returnable, please shop carefully.



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