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Dignity Odor Eliminator
Dignity Odor Eliminator

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Dignity Odor Eliminator

SKU HI26982

Dignity Odor Destroyer
eliminates body waste odors

Unscented and easy to use spray to eliminate odors caused by urine and fecal matter

A few sprays at the source, ie. clothing, bedding, commodes, etc. eliminates unpleasant body waste odors.

To use spray lightly on clothingand bedding, on surface areas such as commodes spray the source and surrounding area. As an air freshener, allow a few moments for the odor to be eliminated.

The Odor Eliminator can also be used on diaper pails, bathrooms, toilet surrounds, litter boxes, and pet accidents on carpeting or other floring.

Spray after each occurrence.

Available in 8 oz spray bottles.


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