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ActiCuf Disposable Pouch
ActiCuf Disposable Pouch

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ActiCuf Disposable Pouch


Combination gentle penile clamp and absorbent disposable pouch for male urinary incontinence

Your life. Your way. Now you can live life on your own terms. The ActiCuf  Disposable Pouch is designed to effectively manage urinary incontinence, for men with active lifestyles.

Acticuf is discreet and undetectable incontinence protection

The breakthrough shape and size are virtually undetectable. Plus it's naturally comfortable and hassle-free. The ActiCuf Disposable Pouch is like a new way of living . . . a whole new you!

Six unique features of this incontinence product:

  • o Thin, contour shape

  • o Protects for up to 4 hours

  • o Disposable

  • o Feels natural

  • o Easy to remove

  • o Convenient to carry with you

Disposable, absorbent urinary incontinence protection for men

The breakthrough ActiCuf is a disposable, undetectable pouch designed to help men treat and manage light to moderate urinary incontinence. When placed on the penis, the padded closure gently presses down on the urethra to control urinary flow. Any leakage is immediately absorbed by the ActiCuf, so you can take charge of your day and enjoy life on your terms...It's a new way of life.

ActiCuf Disposable Pouch is so discreet that it's virtually undetectable under clothing. And its sleek, portable design makes using public urinals a worry-free experience. Removing and replacing it is fast and easy.

Designed to provide a two step protection system to prevent leakage.

  1. 1.  Comfortable penile clamp

  2. 2.  Absorbent pouch

One size fits all!  Comes 10 to a package!

Your Price $25.95

Customer Reviews

New Review

The Acti Cuff Pouches are expensive but worthwhile when I want to go out somewhere. I no longer have to worry. EC, Athens, GA

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