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Afex Bed Bag
Afex Bed Bag

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Afex Bed Bag


PLEASE NOTE: The Afex™ Extension Tube Assembly and the Afex™ Receptacle are required to use this product!

The Afex™  Bed Bag offers the comfort and protection needed to have a good night sleep.

Urinary incontinence protection for night time protection

Leak resistant, latex free bag holds up to 2-liters of urine, eliminating sleep interruptions due to frequent trips to and from the bathroom.; and, protects the skin and bed linens from wetness.

The Afex™ Receptacle, Afex™ Extension Tube Assembly and Afex™ Briefs are required for use with the Afex™ Bed Bag. The Afex™ Open-Sided Briefs are the best choice to use with the Bed Bag. The Velcro® side closure make it easy for caregivers to access the incontinence system.

Afex Bed Bag securely connects using the Afex System for Urinary Incontinence Management

The bag securely connects to the Extension Tube Assembly using the "Twist and Lock" feature.

The Afex™ Bed Bag can last up to 6 weeks with proper care and cleaning. Afex™ suggest using the specially formulated Afex™ Cleaning Solution. It safely eliminates odor and prevents bacterial contamination.

You can see the complete starter kit:
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Afex System Starter Kit

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