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Buckingham EasyWipe
Buckingham EasyWipe

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Buckingham EasyWipe


EasyWipe, the bottom wiper personal hygiene aid that reaches and cleans where you can't!

Designed by an Occupational Therapist, EasyWipe is simple to use!  It is light, sturdy and easy to keep clean.  You will be able to discreetly carry your EasyWipe in its own travel pouch which is included. 

The EasyWipe consists of a central body with a soft rounded silicone end to which toilet tissue or toilet wipes are attached.  At the other end, a push button will release the paper tissue or wipes after use.

Made from touch and durable plastic with a silicone rounded end for wiping.  Ergonomically designed to be a comfortable, safe to use and to assist reaching when wiping is difficult. 

Latex free.  Complete user and care instructions included.  A Chris Clarke Designed Product. For external use only.   International patents pending.

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