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Incontinent Pant Pull On
Incontinent Pant Pull On

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Incontinent Pant Pull On

SKU DM7001

Designed for times when extra incontinence protection is needed. 

The reusable incontinent pant will guard against leakage and spill out. Can be worn with either incontinence underwear or standard underwear protected with incontinence pads. 

The pants are designed to fit either men or women. Made of 100% plasticized polyester fabric with a waterproof coating. Machine or hand washable! Complete washing instructions are included with the packaging.

Snap closure style also available.

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Washable, reusable incontinence panties that are made of odor resistant 100% cotton. The panties have a built in absorbent pad for woman who have light to moderate incontinence. Additional reusable or disposable pads can be added if needed.