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Urine Guard Drip Collector
Urine Guard Drip Collector

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Urine Guard Drip Collector


 Urine Guard Drip Collectors prevent spotting after using the men's room

Urine drip collector pouches fit comfortably like a cap worn over the head of your penis.  

The urine spot guards are small, thin  and discreet but very absorbent and easily disposable.  Each drip pouch/cap will hold up to 2 ounces of urine without leaking.

Disposable, discreet solution for male urine leakage

The Urine Guard Caps stay securely in place with the stretchable  opening that will  conform to the size of your penis. The urine caps fit all penises up to six (6) inches in circumference. The stretchable elastic opening makes the urine guards easy to put on and easy to take the toilet.

Absorbent inner layer with liquid barrier outer layer

Urine Guard Drip Collectors are filled with a thin, but super absorbent padding that wicks moisture away from your skin and holds up to two fluid ounces. The outside plastic layer of the pouch is a liquid barrier keeping you and your pants free from drips, dribbles and dark spots.

Available in bags of 30 pouches.

Urine Drip Collectors are often used in conjunction with the J Clamp Male Urinary Penile Clamp.

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