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Sani Pant Waterproof Cover Up
Sani Pant Waterproof Cover Up

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Sani Pant Waterproof Cover Up


Waterproof plastic pants for men and women

High quality waterproof and washable pull up briefs for incontinent adults using pads, liners or diapers or reusable padded mens briefs and ladies panties protect your clothing and furniture.

Salk Sani Pant has to be the best quality pull up reusable incontinence brief on the market. There is a marked difference between this product and other adult waterproof pants.

Durable incontinent pant can be machine washed and dried

Sani Pants are designed to hold either disposable or reusable absorbent pads, liners, guards or diapers. Sani Pant is the equivalent of plastic pants (only much better) for adults. Sani Pant has no absorption properties but is worn with an absorbent product (liners, guards, diapers) to hold them in place and prevent any leaking.

Sani-Pants are made of soft, plastic-coated polyester fabric with soft cotton binding around the waist and leg elastic that won't chafe or irritate your skin.

Pull On Sani Pants are very durable and able to withstand repeated washings, and you can even use a mild bleach and fabric softener.

Available in white.


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