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WunderPad Bedpad
WunderPad Bedpad

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WunderPad Bedpad


SPECIAL ORDER ITEM -  Handmade to order! Please allow five to 10 business days for delivery!

This is an expensive bed pad - but worth every penny! 

If you have a situation at home where there is the possibility of accidents at night in bed, and regular bed pads just don't absorb enough liquid - then this is the pad you should be using!  The advanced technology is comparable to the best disposables, yet costs up to 70% less by washing and reusing up to 300 times.

Wunderpad is an amazing new technology that uses composite layers to keep skin dry.  Wunderpad was designed to keep skin dry, not just absorb liquid.  These bed pads protect more than just the bed (and that is significant), they protect the patient as well!

The Wunderpad Bed Pad Plus will hold up to 40 ounces! 

"I have used both the Wunderpad bed pad and chair pad, and the bed pad is fantastic.  the design permits moisture to drain below the surface and eliminates waking up in the middle of the night in a puddle of wetness.  I am now sleeping comfortably and confidently knowing that Wunderpad will keep me and my bed dry."  J.D. , Rochester, NY


  • Size: 30 x 34 inches
  • Anti-Skid Backing to keep pad in place
  • Stability Loops on corners to keep pad in place
  • Total Capacity - 40 ounces
The Wunderpad Bed Pad  was designed to be washed and dried in standard and commercial laundry machines.  The barrier material will not melt - even in the hottest dryers.

Wunderpad Bed Pads are a great way to reduce the time and effort required to change out the entire bedding if there is an accident.  You can use Wunderpad bed pads on top of the sheets and secure them with the corner stability loops.  In addition, you can rest assured that if there is an accident, the bedding will not be completely soaked.

See also Wunderpad in chair pads, men's briefs, women's panties and personal pads for both men and women.

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