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Afex System Testimonials

Testimonials from Satisfied Customers, Care-Givers, and Urology Professionals . . .

“After my experience of wearing the device, I feel afex is a quality product that will serve an area that has long been a very difficult one for urologists to manage." 

Urologist -  J.C.,  Richmond, Virginia

“Recently I had a referral of an 89-year-old male.  He had been incontinent for years and stated he had tried everything on the market.  He was very excited when I offered him this innovative option for incontinence control.  He ordered the afex value pack and fell in love with the product.  Thanks for returning this man to a more normal life.” 

Nurse – S.K., Columbus, Ohio

“This product is the best medical device for male incontinence.  I’ve had total incontinence for three years since I had prostate cancer surgery.  I have tried every product on the market and none worked.  The afex system gave me my quality of life back.  Thank you for making something that works.”

Customer - R.M.,  Oswego, New York

“My husband had a stroke and is paralyzed and cannot speak.  We started using external catheters but soon had skin breakdown.  Then we tried pads, but they would not work the whole night through.  I found the afex system and it works wonderfully with the accessories for bed applications.  There is no more skin rash and it allows us both to sleep the whole night.” 

Care-Giver - W.C., Copenhagen, Denmark

“I am so pleased with the afex Incontinence Management System that I have recommended it to personal friends also suffering from incontinence.  Needless to say, I now swear by the system.  Thank goodness I discovered it.” 

Customer – R. G., St. Petersburg, Florida

“I was very impressed.  I wore the device for 16 hours and found it to be comfortable and discreet.  I can see this system having application for a large population of incontinent men.” 

Urologist - B.D., Richmond, Virginia

“The afex system is great.  It’s the best device I have found.” 

Customer – D.B. Austin, Texas

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