About US

“We are dedicated to finding the best products because we want those living with incontinence to regain the independence, confidence, and dignity we all deserve, despite our unique struggles.” Valerie Zalman, CEO of UroAnswers™

Do you or someone you love experience incontinence as a result of medical conditions, surgery, or surgical complications? Are you or someone you care about having trouble maintaining an active and healthy life due difficulties living with incontinence? You are not alone. In fact, nearly 8 million million men and women in the United States alone experience incontinence. At UroAnswers™, we offer affordable and effective solutions, providing our customers with the comfort and confidence needed to maintain an active lifestyle.

Our company is built on trust, and we prioritize providing the highest level of support to each and every customer. Our customer service team will give you personal attention, and promptly answer your questions. If you're on a budget, you've found an affordable and reliable solution to meet your needs. Our team at UroAnswers™ wants to make sure you're always getting the best possible deals in addition to low prices on all our products. Customers keep coming back to UroAnswers™ because they’ve found the solution: the best products and a team committed to customer satisfaction.

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