AlphaDry System for Incontinence

AlphaDry System for Incontinence


AlphaDry is a one piece unit that easily fits into your underwear.  You can be discreetly dry when you leave home, travel, play golf, swim or conduct any other activities of your heart's desire!

You will be able to resume your normal activities - leave home, go out to dinner, travel, wear shorts, play golf, AND get a good night's sleep without embarrassment. 

AlphaDry is a new, unique type of condom catheter that does not rely on adhesives to prevent slipping.  Instead, it uses a new patented sheath gripper design that prevents slipping and leaking. 

AlphaDry Kit Includes:

  • AlphaDry Condom/Reservoir

  • Velcro Elastic Strap

  • Instructions and Care Information

  • A.  Twist valve - makes for quick and easy emptying
    B.  Reservoir - expands to 600 cc's (2.5 cups US)
    C.  One way valve - prevents back flow
    D.  Sheath with Grippers - provide a secure fit
    E.  Velcro elastic strap - aids gripping action Your AlphaDry Sheath/Reservoir attaches 
    securely to the penis and tucks neatly into your underwear.
     You can now function normally. 

    Stand at a urinal and move about without fear of being wet.

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