Provent Brief & Pad Set for Men

Provent Brief & Pad Set for Men


Comfortable, reusable, padded incontinence boxer briefs for men

Washable, athletic styled boxer briefs with an integrated,  absorbent, urinary incontinence pad.  The patented triple layer composite technology provides ultra high absorbency, protection and ventilation.  The Provent Briefs keep you dry with a combination of fabrics that are breathable, durable and reusable.

The set includes one cotton  brief and a three layer composite pad.  The absorbent, washable pad holds 8 fluid ounces  (.24 liters.) 

The "spacer-mesh" top layer of the pad elevates skin away from wetness. 

The "ultra absorbent" interior layer wicks away and locks in moisture.

The waterproof bottom layer prevents leaks with sealed edges.

The pad attaches to the briefs with Velcro® tabs on either end.  The tabs do not come into contact with the wearer's skin.  The 8 oz pad can be replaced with a 12 oz (.36 liter) pad if more absorbency is required. 

The boxer briefs are 96% comfortable cotton.   

The detachable, eco-friendly and innovative fold-out style pad allows you to easily exchange a soiled pad for a fresh pad throughout the day. 

Wash and reuse your boxer briefs and pads up to 300 times for a savings of up to 70% over disposable incontinence pads/briefs

Note:  This product replaced AMW800 WunderPad Briefs

SMALL 28"-32"

MEDIUM 32"-34"

LARGE 36"-38"

XLARGE 40"-42"

2XLARGE 44"-46"

3XLARGE 48"-50"

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